Sep 22
LV AK-UFO – Topic “Turbulent Environments – How to Exploit Opportunities”

LV AK-UFO (Selected tpoics in General Management and Organization) – “Turbulent Environments – How to Exploit Opportunities”

Also this year, the focus of the course will be on the question, how companies can exploit opportunities in turbulent environments (e.g. shorter periods of stability, technological changes). Thereby, different possibilities to obtain competitive advantages to survive are discussed (e.g. innovation capacity, business model innovation).

The course bases on alternating lectures, discussions, exercises and case study work. A kick-off meeting to the lecture will take place on the 6th of October. The course takes place from the 17th to 21st of October. Further information to the course is available in TUGonline.

Sep 13
New regulation for examinations: LV Unternehmungsführung und Organisation (VO)

Please note the new syllabus and new regulation for examinations of LV Unternehmungsführung und Organisation (VO), which is valid with the beginning of winter term 2016/17:

Stoffabgrenzung LV Unternehmungsführung und Organisation (VO)


Sep 12
Courses Winter Term 2016/17

In the upcoming winter term the Institute for Gerneral Management and Organization offers the following courses:

  • Projektmanagement (VO)
  • Unternehmungsführung und Organisation (VO)
  • Unternehmungsführung und Organisation (UE)
  • Unternehmungsgründung (VO + UE)
  • Gründungsgarage (SE)
  • Information Management (english) (VO + UE)
  • Ausgewählte Kapitel aus Unternehmungsführung (VO + UE)

Details are available in TU Graz-Online.

Jun 30
Prof. Vorbach at the 52nd Innovation Pool

On June 22, Prof. Vorbach attended the 52nd Innovation Pool at the company Weizer Parkett in Weiz, hosted by Plattform für Innovationsmanagement.

The main topic of this year's Innovation Pool was Technology Monitoring.

Prof. Vorbach gave an insight into scientific methods and strategies of Technology Monitoring.

For more information and photos, visit the site of Plattform für Innovationsmanagement.

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